D: Movie #6 – We’re The Millers

D: I like that this movie didn’t suck. I feel like all the “big” comedies as of late have been pretty disappointing, so I was sort of dreading watching this one. Luck me, I was pleasantly surprised. 

I found myself laughing pretty consistently throughout this one. What I think this one did well was use all different types of comedy. There was witty, verbose wordplay, goofiness, physical comedy and it was dirty as hell, but not to the point of being disgusting.


The film follows Jason Sudekis as a drug dealer who has to smuggle a shit-ton of weed from Mexico to the US. He takes his dorky neighbor, a runaway street kid and a stripper along to pose as his family. Hilarity ensues.

Ironically, the entire drug operation is based out of Denver, basically making a film that came out a few months ago outdated due to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Basically the entire basis of the film was entire negated. It’s such a “meta” joke. Completely unintentional but funny nonetheless. 

Also, someone finally used Jennifer Aniston properly in a film. She was a main character, but wasn’t asked to be the funny or quirky character who has to carry the story. She was as far from Rachel on Friends then in any of her other films and because of that she seemed to finally be able to really embody a role that didn’t require callbacks to her signature one. 

Sudekis is the main draw here and he delivers. When given the right kind of material, this guy is really funny. He reminds me of early 80’s Bill Murray in that no matter what he says, you can’t get too mad at him because there’s an inherit sweetness to him. When he’s a total ass to everyone it’s ok, because he’s just a big ol’ kid. 


There are some great supporting players in the film, especially Ed Helms as the drug kingpin. He owns a an orca. It’s pretty awesome. (he’s never seen Blackfish I bet. Neither have I) Katheryn Hahn and Nick “Ron Swanson” Offerman play a couple that end up traveling with the Miller’s sporadically throughout their trip.  I like that there’s this pretty large group of comedic actors who seem to show up in everything, are hysterical and don’t overstay their welcome. It’s interesting because I think this is a very good time for comedic actors who have a pretty wide range of talent, but a very weak time for funny films. It’s like the performers are there, but the material isn’t. 


Thankfully, this film is one that seems to be the exception to that rule.  Hopefully it’ll stand up to repeat viewings.



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